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Tai Chi joe2The short Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) 16 posture form is taught by Joe Schmidt.   The Tai Chi classes at FYS are open ended- you can start any day.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged.  We expect that most attending the classes are new to Tai Chi, so we give detailed movement instruction and some Tai Chi theory.

The short 16 TCC form is good, complete Tai Chi practice designed to be learned by beginners well enough to practice in a 16 week college semester (since we are older it takes longer, but no worry).  To “play” it through is about 2+ minutes per set, upon familiarity, so repeated frequent practice is easy.   Students will develop a personal stress relieving routine of 1/2 hour or more as desired by adding warm up Tai Chi and Qigong exercises.   These classes include introductory Qigong that is easy.  Students receive explanatory supplements and references.

Schmidt is drawn to Tai Chi Chuan & other TC practices, because of TCC’s dance-like quality and it feels good while giving good wellness effects.  “Tai Chi is a martial art as I was taught it, but this is a not self- defense class.  Many students have said to me: “knowing what the TCC move is about helps practice it.”  Tai Chi is also moving meditation and a wellness practice from Chinese culture and classes focus on that.  Class goals are having fun, while moving properly to gain the health benefits that practitioners and Chinese medicine describe.”

Please check the Class Schedule for current Tai Chi class days and times.

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