The Studio


The Frankfort Yoga Studio is located on the third floor of the historic McClure Building, (306 West Main St., corner of St. Clair Mall) overlooking the heart of picturesque downtown Frankfort. This beautiful studio is very spacious and offers two rooms for classes.


The  Studio is  peaceful, calming, rejuvenating, joyful, and graced by simplicity, creating one of the most beautiful yoga studios. This atmosphere is what makes taking classes at the Frankfort Yoga Studio so special and unique, verses taking classes at gyms.


The studio space

In 2011 the studio underwent a major renovation to create the best possible space for yoga practice and bring back the original grandeur of the building, built in 1907. The original maple wood and terrazzo floors were refinished, the drop ceilings were removed to expose the 15-foot ceiling, ceiling fans were added, and the 10-foot windows were unsealed so that fresh air can circulate and, on cooler days, the warm sunlight can help heat the studio.

The natural light connects students with the natural world, and the contemporary yet soothing cream and white interior walls, and earthy light colors create the extension of the sky into the studio. Only a few necessities decorate the rooms. The studio has been described as “heavenly,” creating a haven for all.